2020 Inman Park UNFestival & Tour AT Home Merchandise

What's festival without a new Inman Park t-shirt? Inman Park merch is the best way to show your neighborhood pride year round! The Inman Park Festival Committee is doing things a little differently this year. Since there is no festival we don't want to order in bulk and have to pay and store the unsold merch. Instead, we're only printing what you order online. The UNFestival Merchandise store will only be up through the end of May. Once orders close we'll print the number of items ordered. Once the store is down May 31, 2020 you won't be able to order. So don't wait!  Hopefully, you won't be able to order an UNFestival shirt again as we hope to have our 50th Festival as usual next year, Covid permitting. Buy lots of items! All the money made will go to support our next year's festival. 

Items are local pick-up or $10 shipping in the Continental U.S. If you have any questions please contact us at InmanParkSwag@gmail.com

All sales final. No returns or exchanges. 

The store is closed for maintenance